District Attorney David Sullivan endorses Democrat Adam

District Attorney David Sullivan endorses Democrat Adam

Pittsfield, MA — Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan today announced his support for Adam Hinds, Democratic state Senate candidate for the Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden district.

 “Today I proudly endorse Adam Hinds’ candidacy for the Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden state Senate district,” states Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan. “Adam is the candidate with the best and most practical experience to confront the opiate epidemic in western Massachusetts and knows the strategies that work when confronting crime.”

“Knowing that I’ve earned District Attorney Sullivan’s support is a great honor,” said Hinds. “DA Sullivan has not just spoken out on issues of opioid addiction, treatment, and recovery, but has enacted programs to confront this scourge, which is so deeply impacting our communities.” Hinds continues, “If elected, I look forward to working with the DA and other law enforcement partners across the entire district to unite a resolute, comprehensive front in the fight against the menace of addiction.”

District Attorney David Sullivan has been Northwestern District Attorney since 2011.  The Northwestern district reaches across Hampshire and Franklin counties and includes the town of Athol. Among numerous accolades and accomplishments, under his tenure as District Attorney, Sullivan created a Community Outreach and Education Unit to help fight crime and keep communities strong, created a Domestic Violence and Sexual assault Unit, and worked with community leaders to participate in National Prescription Drug Take Back Days resulting in the removal of 13 tons of unwanted drugs from district households. DA Sullivan co-founded and co-chairs the Northwestern Anti-Crime Task Force.

Hinds notes, “The DA’s work on crime in Hampshire and Franklin counties is especially valuable. Other communities in the district are facing critical junctures with crime prevention programs, community policing, and efforts against violence. As state Senator, I will partner with DAs like David to ensure that the legislature delivers local governments and law enforcement bodies the resources they need not just to fight crime but to build strong communities.”

Says Sullivan about Hinds, “Adam isn’t just a strong, sensible voice on critical issues; Adam gets things done.”


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