John Olver Endorses Adam

John Olver Endorses Adam

North_Adams_Housing_Authority_046_-_Copy.jpgA Letter from former Congressman John Olver:

Serving as United States Representative in the 1st Congressional District — our home — has been one of the greatest honors of my life, and there is no other place in the country that I would choose to represent. I care a great deal about the future of western Massachusetts, and that is why I support Democrat Adam Hinds for state Senate in the Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin, and Hampden District.

I came to know Adam well when he worked on my campaigns in 1998 & 2000. Adam has unquestionable character, a guiding principle to do what is right, and an inestimable work ethic. Adam served as a peacemaker for the United Nations, often moving into harm’s way in the Middle East to create a better way of life for those who live there. He founded Pittsfield Community Connection, and devoted himself to confronting the impact of poverty and keeping at-risk kids from falling into gangs and violence. Working for the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition, Adam tackles community issues of addiction, healthcare, and employment head-on.

Before I served as a member of Congress, I was a state Senator for 19 years. In my time in the Massachusetts legislature, and elsewhere in my career, I learned what it takes to get things done in government. I know Adam Hinds has exactly what it takes to be a strong voice and powerful advocate for this region. As an unabashed progressive, I naturally want to see another progressive champion take up the mantle of representation in Western Massachusetts. Adam Hinds is the candidate to do that. He has a demonstrated commitment to social and economic justice.

These are qualities that we need in the next state Senator: a proven dedication to solve our toughest regional challenges; a demonstrated, community-oriented work ethic; and a proactive passion for the district. Adam Hinds embodies all these qualities.

I proudly support his campaign. I write to ask that you take the next step with me. To run a winning campaign, Adam needs the resources to make it to the other side of the September 8th primary. Your donation will be used to fund a campaign — a candidate — who champions the progressive values we hold in highest esteem.  A donation of $250 will help Adam’s message reach 100 voters. A good campaign is fueled by volunteers and Adam needs good people like you to join a legion of supporters to knock doors, post lawn signs, and make phone calls from your home. Join the effort here

We are less than 2 months away from the September 8 primary. Please join me in supporting Adam Hinds for state Senate.


For progress, – John W. Olver

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    commented 2017-11-02 06:58:04 -0400
    Most of the government jobs in existence are a form of welfare since overall productivity is very low and there is no real mechanism or incentive for improvement. The government performance efforts pretend to rate employees on such factors as productivity, job knowledge, and personal interactions but it only goes through the motions of doing so. Private industry is needed to produce real GDP But then, government is needed to serve as one of private industry’s biggest customers. Government wastes money with travel junkets all over the place but since the employees are not productive any way, their time doesn’t really matter. The actual money spent is your tax money but it is funneled back into the taxpayer’s pockets because money spent helps keep airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, supply houses, and many other industries in business